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Tessa | 19 | Canada
"...pain and loss they define us as much as happiness and love, whether it's a world or a relationship; everything has it's time and everything ends.."

I'm rly into stuff that has magic, superpowers, medieval, aliens, coldplay and muse.

the jonny to my chris

You might belong in…


Added Blue and N for the full Champion roster.


Added Blue and N for the full Champion roster.

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[1/?] movies: The Avengers (2012)

Bradley making Colin smile/laugh

something to strive for


Magic – Coldplay @ Sport Relief 2014 [x]

On April 1st, 1997, Pokémon - I Choose You! premiered! Happy 17 years, Pokémon!

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SupermanThe d r e a m always begins the same.
“My parents taught me to side with justice. I came from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of other men. I’m known as a hero, an inspiration, a champion. It’s been a good life.”

Batman: The n i g h t m a r e always begins the same.
My parents killer was never brought to justice. I cloak myself in the very shadows the gunman used to hide his face from me. I’m known as an urban myth, a frightening creature, the bogeyman. It’s not a life I’d wish on anyone.”

I let my father die because I trusted him. Because he was convinced that I had to wait. That the world was not ready. What do you think?