waiting for superman


4 |100 DC heroes [x]

"I am Aquaman - the king of the seven seas. This is my birthright. This is my responsibility. And I will embrace it."

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FC Bayern Munchen(2004——2014)


 Begin life as a God 

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It doesn’t have to be difficult, it can be easy. We can be happy


Donna. Oh, Donna Noble. I am so sorry.

This is the hardest story I've ever told  

01st August 2014 - Happy 30th Birthday Bastian Schweinsteiger


bbc merlin fest: day 14

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Toni Kroos animating the crowd to sing for Klose.

Miro Klose, Miro Klose, Miro Klose, du bist der beste Mann!

☆☆ Germany - 2014 World Cup Champions ☆☆